France holiday 2013

I have recently returned from my last holiday before the start of Open Circle Osteopathy. We went to the beautiful region of Burgundy, which is known for it’s wine and Dijon mustard!

On the holiday I enjoyed my hobbies of running and road cycling. The roads in this region are very quiet, with little traffic and are ideal for both sports. We cycled up some steady inclines – that do not rival the hills of Bristol!

It was a family holiday that saw everyone getting involved in the sporting activity. It was important for us to warm up and down with a thorough stretching regime after exercising. The positive effects of this include:

  1. Endurance – stretching enables you to do your exercise for longer and more frequently with reduction in muscular pain and improved performance.
  2. Injury prevention – stretching tight muscle and keeping joints mobile helps to avoid common sports injuries from occurring.

This applied to all family members of varying ages and abilities. Please see how osteopathy can help minor sports injuries.

This article includes some useful basic information and tips on stretching from a personal trainer.