Back pain

Back pain is very common and it is what we specialize in. If the pain persists in one area of the back, it may lead to further strain on the skeleton as a whole.

Back pain may vary in severity from a slight nagging ache to serious disabling pain. There are many potential causes, such as:

• Postural problems
• Age related ‘wear and tear’
• Immobility
• Unsuitable seating or bedding
• Inappropriate work station set-up
• Strenuous lifting
• Trauma
• Sports injuries
• Pregnancy
• Obesity
• Stress and anxiety

Common back ache is usually due to stiff and painful spinal joints. We train extensively to be able to identify the specific area of immobility and increase the movement to help ease the pain at each specific spinal segment. We are recommended for the treatment of low back pain by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.