How we can treat your condition

Case history
We take the time to conduct a thorough case history, which will include questions about: your problem, past medical history, general health, other medical care you are receiving and medications you are taking. We will also ensure we understand your day-to-day routine including diet, exercise, work and life style.

A thorough physical examination will be conducted. This will include a postural assessment, assessment of specific movements and an examination of the health of the relevant muscles, ligaments, joints and tissues.

From a combination of the case history and examination findings a diagnosis will be made. In some cases further tests maybe required.

Treatment is ‘hands on’ and may include mobilization of the joints, joint manipulation, soft tissue massage and cranial osteopathic technique.

Joint manipulation – which causes a joint to ‘click’ may be indicated. Osteopaths have been thoroughly trained to carry out manipulations with low force and the application of vectors to the restricted joint.

A personalized exercise programme, including specific and realistic rehabilitative exercises will be provided to aid recovery and help prevent symptoms from recurring.