Testimonial 1: LE, Age 41

I am a builder working for myself on large building projects. This means that I am continually lifting heavy loads and putting my body through different stresses/forces during my daily activities. I had been experiencing lower back pain and stiffness for some time. I was introduced to osteopath Niamh Honey by my wife who had been receiving care from her. Immediately upon meeting Niamh, I felt relaxed and at ease; and felt comfortable sharing my problems with her. Niamh competently assessed my needs and explained what treatment she believed I required. She constantly informed me during each step of her treatment session what she would be doing next, which made me feel relaxed and safe. Niamh also recommended exercises that I could do at home to complement her treatment and ensure my recovery. Niamh always discussed how many treatment sessions I would possibly require and scheduled follow-up treatment sessions accordingly. I have never felt that Niamh would continue to treat me if it was not entirely necessary. Niamh is kind, calm and sensitive and genuinely cares for your general wellbeing.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Niamh Honey for anyone requiring an Osteopath. I have now made a full recovery!

Thank you Niamh.


Testimonial 2: MC, Age 11

I have had back pain ever since I can remember, and felt no one believed me. Mum used to take me to the doctor but he would just say it’s because I was growing. When I was 10, it got so bad that after PE and Dance I would have to have Calpol for the pain. I have been going to Niamh now for a year and it’s really made a difference. I am now pain free and even my asthma has got better. She’s helped me so much; she’s got magic fingers. Niamh is awesome!


Testimonial 3: TC, Age 46

After suffering so much pain with a trapped nerve in my shoulder, the relief Niamh has given me has been phenomenal. I was taking high dose painkillers and didn’t feel able to run the family home safely. I came off it all. The acupuncture really helps give pain relief. It’s a year on and Niamh has been treating me for pain in my hip, it didn’t respond well so Niamh suggested an X-ray. A large dermoid cyst was discovered on my ovary. If I hadn’t been going to Niamh, this probably would never have been discovered and I would have ended up with an emergency operation. I can’t thank her enough. I’m now on a mission to get all my family and friends to go to her. I have had a number of complementary treatments but what Niamh does definitely works for me.


Testimonial 4: PB, Age 59

The difference in the range of movement in my damaged lower leg and ankle following treatment with Niamh is remarkable due to the longevity of the injury (1974 and again 1995). This treatment was secondary to lower back pain and keeps me able to continue working in a physically demanding occupation.


Testimonial 5: GM, Age 53

I started seeing Niamh about 18 months ago; I had a problem with my knee.  She really listened to what I was telling her about the problem, and as well as the really effective osteopathy she made sure that I had a set of exercises to do that was manageable (time wise as well as physically) and she varied the exercises, so that I didn’t get bored! My knee got sorted – phew!

A few months ago I went to see her again; I had gone through a very traumatic time, when looking after my own health had been a low priority compared to that of others. As well as working on my pesky knee she has supported me through the aftermath of a very difficult time, for instance using cranial osteopathy and techniques that are enabling me to sort out my sleeping.

Niamh is friendly, professional, thorough and compassionate. I would highly recommend her.


Testimonial 6: LC, Age 63

I have been visiting Niamh over the course of the last year and have found her to be a professional and experienced osteopath good at both diagnosis and treatment. She always provides a calm, relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. She has effectively assisted me over different problems at different times and has made a significant contribution to the diagnosis and management of my migraines. She has also been effective in treating other problems including lower back and neck pain. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her professional services.


Testimonial 7: EF, Age 72

Niamh has treated me effectively with various osteopathic techniques   including cranial osteopathy, for spinal problems and generalized muscular pain. She is knowledgeable and skillful with a pleasant caring personality and I thoroughly recommend her.


Testimonial 8: HB, Age 60

I have been a patient of Niamh for two years and have been very happy with the treatment provided. She played a major part in my recovery from a spinal stenosis and has continued to help me to deal with the inevitable wear and tear that comes with age. She is very considerate and will explain what she is doing and why. As well as being a highly skilled professional, she has a delightful personality and enjoyable sense of humour. I would recommend her services to any prospective patient.