Number of treatments

The number of treatments required will vary between individuals. It will depend upon the nature of the problem and your response to osteopathic treatment.

Within the first consultation Niamh will indicate how many treatments she feels you may need. In some cases this judgment may be made in due course, when Niamh has been able to monitor your response to the first treatment. This is a flexible process and subject to change at your request.

Usually acute conditions tend to respond relatively quickly, whereas chronic conditions may take a little longer to resolve. The average number of treatments is in the region of 2-5, unless long-term treatment of a chronic problem is required.

We believe that the body has an inbuilt ability to heal itself and osteopathy can help initiate this process. For this reason, we aim to keep appointments to a minimum, and give the body only what it needs.

Your osteopathic management will be patient centered and you will be reassessed at each attendance to monitor your progress. We therefore do not believe in booking a course of treatments well in advance and instead let our reassessment findings be our guide. It is the policy of the OCO that if you are not making adequate progress we will discuss potential treatment alternatives, or refer you for further tests or investigations if necessary.

At the OCO the main objective of treatment is long-term change in tissue health, if possible without continued reliance on treatment.